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  • Victor Mong

    Victor Mong

    8x Top Writer | Researcher | Writing about self-improvement, psychology, mental health, productivity, etc. Get in touch: info.victormong@gmail.com

  • Isaiah McCall

    Isaiah McCall

    NYC Comedian & Crypto Investor | Co-Founder at Yard Couch | mccallisaiah@gmail.com

  • Gillian May

    Gillian May

    Former nurse turned writer — empowering change. Let’s talk about mental health, addictions, trauma, and wellness. Join Medium: https://gillianmay.ca/membership

  • Alice Summersault

    Alice Summersault

    Writing about love, life, and psychology. Reflecting on experience to live a better life.

  • Sondra Rose Marie

    Sondra Rose Marie

    Neurodivergent queer femme examining the intersection of trauma, love, race, & independence through personal narratives. 🧠🌈🖤http://sondrarosemarie.com

  • Christopher Tumbeiro

    Christopher Tumbeiro

    Writing about combat sports and life in Los Angeles

  • Rory Sheridan

    Rory Sheridan

  • Martial Arts Unleashed

    Martial Arts Unleashed

    Unleash your potential

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