Hanette Staack, a BJJ Hall of Famer, has announced her transition to MMA. Amassing seven world titles, 3 ADCC gold medals, and having opened her gym, the Brazilian is looking for a new challenge. At 41, the black belt is one of the most accomplished grapplers in history. A date has not been set, but she plans to fight in the middle of this year.

A former Olympic Taekwondo coach has been found guilty of 10 cases of sexual assault against students. Shin Wook Lim, a coach for Team Canada, groomed and abused a teenage athlete between 2015 and 2017. …


Alanna Sheridan

Writer. Fighter. Artist. Athlete. Find me at www.warriorwomanway.com, Twitter @Alanna_Imani and Instagram @Alanna_Sheridan

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